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Phantoms (1998) [Sub: Eng]
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Phantoms (1998) [Sub: Eng]

The bacterium is cultured, and loaded into glass vials to be launched by compressed air guns of the type used to shoot tranquilizers into large animals. Dr. Flyte steps outside, walks up to an open manhole and calls to It. He says that he must see It--all of It--in order to be able to write of It. It remains silent, hidden. He says that he knows It has been wondering what they're up to in the mobile lab. He tells It that the others have been preparing a weapon to destroy It. 'Even after all they've witnessed tonight,' he says, 'they still don't believe you're a god. They think you're just a thing, an animal.' He waits...still It doesn't appear. His voice turns warm and inviting, as he continues: 'What they don't know is that death is for mortals, not for gods. Show yourself... gods have nothing to fear.' He waits a few moments longer. Then with just the right taunting note in his voice, he adds, 'or DO they???' It appears first as a single person, standing silently on the other side of the manhole, opposite Dr. Flyte... an instant later all 400 residents of the town are standing there before him. Then all the people begin to merge and meld into one swirling mass, which resolves Itself into an immense, hideous, writhing millipede, standing upright. Bryce, Jenny and Lisa run out of the mobile lab, and fire their weapons into the It... 'INFECTED!!!' shouts Dr. Flyte, triumphantly. It screams, and begins to flail around violently. Jenny and Lisa run for shelter into the nearby deputy's office, and there, reload their guns. They are pursued by a drone of Deputy Stu. They empty their shotguns into him, knocking him down, blowing away great chunks of his legs and arms. They pause, finally...he is still for a moment, as if dead... then he begins to sing: 'I Fall To Pieces'. Tentacles shoot out of his arm- and leg-stumps, which he uses to drag himself toward them. They flee up into the ceiling, and he follows...but he is ill, infected by the bacteria, and this makes him more angry and dangerous. 'What did you do to me?!?' he bellows at the women. Jenny blows his head off with a shotgun. Incredibly, a hand shoots out of the neck stump and reaches for Lisa. Jenny fires her last vial of the bacteria into the neck stump, and at last he stops...the Deputy Stu drone rapidly dissolves into a revolting liquid. The greater mass of the Entity is also breaking up, like a drop of oil in soapy water. Bryce follows the last of It down into the sewer. He turns a corner, and finds himself face to face with the boy he shot and killed during the drug raid. He hesitates...a tentacle shoots out of the boy's mouth, and knocks him literally for a loop. The air gun is knocked in one direction, and the extra bacteria viles are scattered on the ground in another. Before Bryce can get to them, the boy scoops them up. He balances them in his hand, with an insinuating smile. Bryce draws his handgun. 'Always this urge to shoot little boys,' says the drone, mockingly. 'No,' says Bryce, 'this time I'm going to miss.' He shoots the vials in the drone's hand... they explode, spraying liquid all over him. There is a moment of quiet, then the drone begins to tremble, and then to shake violently... It cannot hold Its shape any longer, It shrieks and groans as It devolves...with one final ear-shattering scream It is gone, and Bryce makes his way back to the others.
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